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Our Mission

Our mission is to support nonprofits while ensuring donor privacy. If you have questions about a particular charity, please contact us.

Anonymous Donations

If you are tired of being harassed by nonprofit organizations after you have donated Solicit Free Donations provides an opportunity for people to support their favorite local charities and non-profit organizations, without being actively solicited by these organizations, and to eliminate the sharing and or selling of your personal information to other non-profit organizations. Our goal is to support non-profits, while also making it easy for people that choose to remain anonymous.

Solicit Free Donations is a Certified Veterans Small Business

A Verified Vendor with the United States Federal Contractor program (otherwise known as SAM), Certified DBE and Woman’s Owned Business in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota.

Why Choose Us?

  • How Can I Make A Donation?

    We make it easy to donate 24/7, to your local or national charity anonymously, and you still get your tax deduction. You enter the details of your local charity, we send you an electronic confirmation/receipt to utilize for your tax deduction.

  • Maximize Tax Advantages For Your Gift

    We provide a service to remove your name, address, email and phone number from any nonprofit that is soliciting you. We provide this service for all donors that donate via our site.

  • Our Experience

    We partner and conduct marketing activities on behalf of and with nonprofits for FREE. A modest 5% fee, is invoiced to the charity for those donations that are done on this site. Significantly less than what it costs the nonprofit to conduct these activities alone.

  • Most Trusted is acceptable

    We are a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business and licensed to conduct business in South Dakota. We welcome 3rd party audits of our donor transactions.

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