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Welcome to Solicit Free Donations

Solicit Free Donations is focused on strengthening opportunities for donors to nonprofits by providing a service that enables no solicitation after the donation and we do not share or sell your contact information. We also partner with nonprofits by increasing donations from donors that stopped giving due to the frequent solicitation.

Solicit Free Donations was created as a result of confirming several charities sold the donors personal information.

If you are tired of being harassed by charity organizations after you have donated, we have a solution that eliminates the collecting and sharing of your personal information. We have found a way, to enable you to support your favorite charity or non-profit while keeping your contact information private and eliminating the solicitation for additional financial support.

You will receive an email confirmation of your tax-deductible donation amount to the local charity or non-profit organization selected, your personal information remains confidential and the charity or non-profit receives a check from Solicit Free Donations.

Solicit Free Donations also provides a service to have donor-customers contact information removed from the charity or non-profit mailer list. Donors must submit a request via our online contact form or email info@solicitfreedonations.org requesting their personal information (must specify name and address) to be removed.

Charities or non-profits that are interested in partnering with Solicit Free Donations, contact us at info@solicitfreedonations.org

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