How to Get Removed From Mailing Lists for Charity Junk Mail


1. How to find a company for making an anonymous or private donation?
2. How you can make an anonymous or private donation?
3. Do you get a tax deduction for making an anonymous donation?
4. How does it prevent you from receiving junk mails and annoying calls?

Donating money is a noble thing. Everyone should donate for the cause they believe in. It helps society to have more strength. Today, your donation makes a difference in someone else’s life and such act from more people helps us to have a better society or country. It is a contribution for those who are not able to earn sufficient amount for themselves. Such steps play a significant role in reducing many issues.

If you are worried about the calls and emails from other charities once you donate then you can easily go to the Option Out for a Charity. This how you can make it possible:

You need to find a company or website that offers you such service. It is important to choose a credible company so that you get an assurance that your information is completely private. From the onset, you make an initial transaction with an organization until you complete the process of donating, any sort of written or oral information you send to the company does not get shared or sold in any circumstances.

How to Find a Reliable Company for an Anonymous Donation?

Today, there are various companies that offer such services. It is better if you ask your friends or business associates when you have to make such a decision. You can also check the ratings of the website online. If there are reviews, then also consider them. All these factors help you to decide whether the company is trustworthy to keep you out of the mailing lists of other charities and nonprofits.

How does it work?

When you approach a website for an anonymous or private donation, you should read all the terms and conditions carefully. Some of the websites don’t offer to keep you out of the Charity junk mail unless you ask for it. They allow you to make an anonymous donation, but you get the confirmation email from the charity that the donation is received.

Stop Junk Mail

You can keep your mobile numbers secret from these charities, but you don’t prevent the junk mails. You keep receiving solicitation from other charities and nonprofits to make more donations. This is really annoying and to avoid getting into this time-wasting situation, you should opt for removing your contact information from the mailer list of that particular charity or nonprofit organization.

You just have to complete the request form and it is done. It is as simple as that. There is no long and complicated process which comes with high risk of wasting time.

Do You Get a Tax Deduction For Anonymous or Private Donations?

It is important to note that if you are making an anonymous donation without the help of such an organization, then you don’t get tax benefits. IRS asks for the receipt which you receive from the charity or nonprofit. If you are making an anonymous donation then you don’t get the receipt.

When you make a donation with help of such a reputable company, your preferred nonprofit organization receives a cheque from the organization, and you receive a receipt from the company. This allows you to claim your tax deduction benefit on your tax return.

Most companies have allotted a fix budget for donations. One of the main reasons for companies to make the donation is also to obtain a tax deduction. Whether you are donating as an individual or as a company, you get tax benefits, but more importantly, you don’t get Unwanted or Unsolicited mail and calls.

The Anonymous Donation also Saves You From Unwanted Follow-up Solicitation:

When a charity establishes a proper telemarketing system, you don’t get repeated calls. However, not all the nonprofit organizations do this effectively and they keep harassing the same potential donor again and again. When your information is not out in the market, you can save your time and energy by not handling such solicitation.

Junk Mail

Solicit Free Donations is the company that helps you to make an anonymous donation in a perfect and simple way. The company has strict rules and regulations about keeping their clients’ information confidential and you can read the contract that they offer to develop trust.

The company has been offering the best in class solution to many organizations and charities to make an anonymous or private donation and obtain the tax deduction.  So, there is no need to avoid making donations just for these reasons. Even a small sum can make difference in someone’s life. Choose a reputable company such as Solicit Free Donations and make the process simpler and easier.

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