How To Get Tax Benefits With Anonymous Donations?

There are many companies that love to donate a certain amount to their favorite nonprofit organizations every year. If the nonprofit is working for the cause that the company believes in then some of the companies like to go beyond limits and give the financial help to those who really need it.

When we talk about such donations, it is not just for the mere reason of getting tax benefits. Such huge donations are for really helping those who are really in need. There are a number of top companies that donate to the nonprofit organization. However, they also need to find a solution to stop receiving the mailers, calls and emails as an aftermath of donating.

Many companies are avoiding donations due to the fact they start receiving emails and calls from additional nonprofits asking for more donations.  As a result, they are now seeking to make anonymous donations.

When you make an anonymous donation for the very first time, you can save yourself from getting unnecessary telemarketing calls. Some of these charities use high-pressure tactics to make you feel like you have to give them at least something. You can just say clear no and hang up the phone, but the fact is they will call you again and send you mailers.

This is annoying and wastes your time. If you plan for the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry then you are out of luck, because charities do not fall under this law. Hence, it is better to donate without showing your identity. However, the IRS will ask for a receipt if you need tax deduction benefits.

There is a way to make an anonymous donation and still get the benefit of the tax deduction. There are now a number of companies that work as a bridge between you and the nonprofit organization you are donating. They charge a small fee to the nonprofit (typically the cost to transfer the funds, significantly less cost than the nonprofit pays to market to donors). They guarantee that your identity will remain confidential to the nonprofit and is also safe from getting sold or shared with other nonprofits.

This is one of the most convenient ways for those who want to donate to receive tax benefits and also do not want those annoying emails and calls. You will receive an email confirmation with the receipt from the company with your donation details.

It is important that you choose such a company carefully and reading all the details about the contract is necessary before you make the donation to the nonprofit charities via such companies. It can be one of the best ways to avoid annoyance and still make donations for the cause you believe in.

It is not true that every nonprofit organization shares or sells the information of the donors. There are also some highly regarded nonprofit organizations operating in a genuine way. You just need to find the one that does not or adopt a different way of donating.

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